Tuesday, March 30, 2010

so tired this evening. gonna be short. speaking of short... Gracie Jane enjoyed New Moon tonight, put her right to sleep. ahhhh. vampires save the day again. night all. catch you at the turn.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

POOPAPALOOZA, by gracie jane.
Regular day. Gym. Lunch. Nap. Home depot where i pooped in my car seat and mommy thought my diaper was wet. You see, i usually cry or grunt when i poo, but this was a silent killer poo. mommy got me out of the car seat and says ' oh, your pants are wet, you must have leaked' she turns to daddy who has a weird look on his face and started laughing. There was poo on the back of my shirt! Daddy says he would run the bath water, it's that time of day, and mommy carries me in at arms length... impressive. she strips me down. theres poo on my legs, and shoulders and im just laughing away. im so funny! mommy gagged alot, daddy covered his nose. i thought it was great!


Well were gonna try this again, now that GJ is up and at em, maybe we can blog together. so here are some recent pics, and we will update soon, as for now, time for bed.